Keep the love going in your relationship

When we first fall in love with our partner it is exciting and fun. The initial euphoria wears off after a couple of years as the relationship matures into love and companionship. This doesn’t mean your relationship needs to be stuck in a routine of unchanging chores, obligations and responsibilities. Each partner has their part to play in the continuing growth of the relationship to keep you both happy. Here are some tips to help you along:

A real gift

surpriseWhilst you may have your regularly show your love with a gift of flowers every pay-day, try and do something as a surprise for your partner to show they are loved. Leave a love-letter in your partner’s bag, or a note with suggestions for your next date night – be as saucy as you like! Some partners like getting little gifts of flowers or chocolate, however clichéd they may seem. On important occasions always give a gift – especially a gift for Valentine’s day! If your partner puts a lot of time and effort into choosing the perfect gift for you, then repay the compliment.

Talk directly

dirty-talksYour already know a lot about each other’s past history; likes and dislikes; hobbies and interests; dreams and wishes for the future. However, you don’t know each other well enough to read the other’s mind. Take time to talk about your relationship every couple of months to ask each other how things are going in your relationship so that you can make your relationship even better.

Share your own feelings and feedback about the relationship with your partner. Tell your partner the good things that you enjoy in your relationship, and also tell him or her the things that he or she could do to make you feel even more loved. Set a ‘date night’ every couple of months so you can talk about all things sex and relationships. It can be fun and will give you the security of knowing that you’re both working on the relationship as a team.

Be honest with each other and give your partner the time they need to talk. Don’t interrupt, but listen to everything they have to say. Be patient. Don’t be judgemental if you don’t agree with your partner. Try to understand what thoughts and feelings they are trying to express. If your partner wants to talk and you are genuinely busy or stressed, tell your partner when you will be free to talk.

Let’s get physical

We all have busy lives, but don’t forget to tell your partner that you love them. Physical affection creates a strong connection between partners. A soft touch on the shoulder or a light hug when you are passing keeps you connected. Spontaneous signs of affection and intimacy like hugs and kisses show you cherish your partner.

Obviously sex is a big part of any relationship, but you can also include massages, holding hands and caressing. When it comes to sex, ask your partner the things that he or she likes, and work on making sex good for both of you. Men in particular, enjoy their partner’s being suggestive and flirty. Be imaginative!

Befriend their family and friends

Your partner has chosen his friends because they share a connection. Even if you don’t get on with all of them, make an effort to get to know them whilst giving each other space to meet their friends alone. However awkward you feel around your partner’s family, try and make good relationships with them.

Be supportive

Do something that you know your partner would appreciate. If your partner has a household chore they don’t like, take on this task in addition to your other work around the house. This may be cleaning the bathroom, washing the windows or filling the car with gas.

Join Up

If your partner has an activity that you would like to take part in, ask if you can join them. If your partner likes a particular hobby, take an interest in what they are doing even if you don’t share the same enthusiasm. Take it in turns to choose your activities for the free time that you have with each other.

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